19 MarThings to Avoid While having Massage on Massage Chair

A massage chair is not just for people who are suffering from a medical condition but also a great source of relief from stress and anxiety. Majority of the people find it much more convenient than a masseuse since you do not have to travel all the way to a spa and pay the bill to get a good massage. You can simple walk up to your very own massage chair and get massage at home with best massage chair whenever you want to without waiting for a masseuse to treat you. However to achieve maximum benefits from the massage and also to save your massage chair from any damage, you need to know how to use it properly. Here is a list of some of the things which need to be avoided when using a massage chair:

Moving during a massage:

In general, a massage does not last longer than 20 minutes. In these 20 minutes, leave all your worries aside and just concentrate on enjoying the massage. Shuffling or getting of the chair because you remembered something important does not seem like a great idea. Not only will it lower the benefits the massage has on you, it may also severely damage the chair. Even if you do remember something important or have to answer your phone, you can do so once the massage is complete and the chair becomes stationary.

Do not carry children with you on a massage chair:

It’s true that your children are your highest priority but while getting a massage on your massage chair avoid carrying your children with you since they add additional weight to the chair and may also result in an unsuitable distribution of weight on the chair which might damage the machinery. The same goes for pets; even if they do want your attention, wait for the massage to complete before attending them.

Highest intensity massages should be avoided unless you really need them:

Do not consider the highest intensity and speed settings of the massage chair to be the most effective ones. These settings should only be used if you have certain medical conditions which might benefit from these massages. The ordinary users should avoid using high intensity and high speed settings for massages. Even the pre-set options will use an appropriate setting for speed and intensity to provide comfort without posing any harm to your body.

Wearing thick clothes:

This is another error many people overlook when getting a massage. To enjoy the massage in its truest sense, you need to take off the extra layers you are wearing such as jackets and sweaters and lay in your massage chair wearing only thin clothes so that your skin can experience maximum effects of the massage.

Most of these points might seem pretty straightforward but many users forget to apply them when using their massage chair. Keep all of them in mind and you will surely and you will surely enjoy maximum benefits of the massage while keeping your body and the chair safe and sound.

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