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24 MarHow can you get back fitness after Pregnancy

After the overwhelming feeling of becoming a new mother dies down, most women turn their attentions to the most pressing question; “How do I get my pre-baby body back?” Do not exert yourself with more than what you can bear.  If you are a new mother, you have inevitably gone through a lot of pain and hard work. Taking care of a newborn is in itself is a 24 hour duty. Do not overburden yourself with a load of tiresome exercises. Take it slow and convince yourself that your body will go back to what it was before pregnancy but this will be achieved eventually and not overnight. For those who try to lose weight too fast by starving themselves or intense workout routine, be warned that you are doing yourself more harm than good.

Check with your doctor to see which exercises and what kind of diet best suits your condition. Generally speaking new mothers who have had Cesarean section take longer to recover before they can start a proper exercise. However, walking at a slow pace is encouraged for all mothers whether they have had a c-section or a normal delivery as it speeds up the recovery process and assists in avoiding blood clots.  

Here is what you can do to get your post-pregnancy body back:

Waist Training:

Waist trainer for women is available to be wrapped around the waist as tightly as one can easily bear. Regular use of waist trainers will move your floating ribs closer to each other giving you a slimmer waist in almost no time and no effort.

Pelvic Tilt:

Lie flat on your back and bend your knees. Take air into your lungs and push your ribs in. Hold your breath for 6 seconds. Repeat the process 15 times.

Stand on one leg:

This is a very simple exercise. Just stand on one leg for a little while, say 15 seconds. Put this leg down and then repeat for the other leg. When you get unstable, smaller muscles which are important for core strength come into play.

Floor Bridges:

Lie flat on your back and bend your knees. Lift your lower abdomen up the floor. Hold for 5 seconds and then carefully bring yourself down to the floor. Repeat 10 to 15 times.

Baby time:

Last but most important, taking care of your new baby will boost your physical as well as mental strength. Spending time with the baby, taking care of him is in itself a sufficient exercise. Changing his clothes, playing with him, massaging him, rocking him will take your calories away in addition to having a positive effect on your mood.

Please be reminded that before pursuing any intense exercise always consult your doctor. If you feel you do not have enough time or stamina to do exercises waist trainer for women is always an easier option. You do not have to take out any special time for it. Just wear it over your dress and resume your daily activities.

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19 MarThings to Avoid While having Massage on Massage Chair

A massage chair is not just for people who are suffering from a medical condition but also a great source of relief from stress and anxiety. Majority of the people find it much more convenient than a masseuse since you do not have to travel all the way to a spa and pay the bill to get a good massage. You can simple walk up to your very own massage chair and get massage at home with best massage chair whenever you want to without waiting for a masseuse to treat you. However to achieve maximum benefits from the massage and also to save your massage chair from any damage, you need to know how to use it properly. Here is a list of some of the things which need to be avoided when using a massage chair:

Moving during a massage:

In general, a massage does not last longer than 20 minutes. In these 20 minutes, leave all your worries aside and just concentrate on enjoying the massage. Shuffling or getting of the chair because you remembered something important does not seem like a great idea. Not only will it lower the benefits the massage has on you, it may also severely damage the chair. Even if you do remember something important or have to answer your phone, you can do so once the massage is complete and the chair becomes stationary.

Do not carry children with you on a massage chair:

It’s true that your children are your highest priority but while getting a massage on your massage chair avoid carrying your children with you since they add additional weight to the chair and may also result in an unsuitable distribution of weight on the chair which might damage the machinery. The same goes for pets; even if they do want your attention, wait for the massage to complete before attending them.

Highest intensity massages should be avoided unless you really need them:

Do not consider the highest intensity and speed settings of the massage chair to be the most effective ones. These settings should only be used if you have certain medical conditions which might benefit from these massages. The ordinary users should avoid using high intensity and high speed settings for massages. Even the pre-set options will use an appropriate setting for speed and intensity to provide comfort without posing any harm to your body.

Wearing thick clothes:

This is another error many people overlook when getting a massage. To enjoy the massage in its truest sense, you need to take off the extra layers you are wearing such as jackets and sweaters and lay in your massage chair wearing only thin clothes so that your skin can experience maximum effects of the massage.

Most of these points might seem pretty straightforward but many users forget to apply them when using their massage chair. Keep all of them in mind and you will surely and you will surely enjoy maximum benefits of the massage while keeping your body and the chair safe and sound.

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10 MarThe Year We come across Hoverboards as a Service?

When Re/code Senior Editor Ina Fried was directed what is the best over hyped pattern of 2016, she did not actually wait, Hoverboards-as-a-Service. After the laughter subsided, she declared we’d just see far more issues join online of Things in the weeks ahead.

Though a few trends have been discussed the evening, the 3 many impact in 2016 were one) variety in tech, two) social media along with three) online of Things (IoT).
Diversity In Tech

You do not solve diversity by simply having more females. You have to get more ethnicity too. Another growing issue within Silicon Valley is ageism and individuals are not talking about it enough,
– Lauren Goode, Senior Technology Editor, The Verge

VentureBeat discovered that 2015 was the season tech companies got interested in maternity leave. Although instead, acknowledge the holistic thinking it is able to provide to one’s business, usa Today advised startups to not imagine variety as an afterthought. It’s safe to state that there’s a great deal of talk’ about variety in Silicon Valley, though a whole lot less walk.’ Fried known to 2016 as the season which separates individuals that are chatting about diversity from those that are really doing anything about it.

Eastwick partners with businesses that are dedicated to diversity. Our CEO Barbara Bates outlined Eastwick’s positive results in this specific place and also shared our agency ‘s perspective on variety in a recently available blog site post: As strategic associates for the clients of ours, the industry is pushed by us to determine gender variety as a business enterprise crucial, training the press and also the constituents of ours on subconscious bias and methods businesses are able to take today.
Key Takeaway: In case you’re a startup, make variety a high priority in the very beginning. In case you’re a more developed company, continue making advances in this specific place. Do you’ve a Chief Diversity Officer? Does your office have a lifestyle of acceptance or even one of isolation? As the old saying is concerned, put yourself in somebody else ‘s shoes.

Budman given an excellent question, one which I usually find myself asking. As a millennial who begins and ends the day of his on social media? – ?I’ll confess I experience a bit through FOMO? – ?I am interested in discovering what 2016 has in store for this particular room. In 2015 alone, Instant Articles were introduced by Facebook and more security recognition equipment, Pinterest included purchasing functionality to the site of its, many smaller sized platforms emerged as well as the list goes on.

A bit over a year ago, I was at a public associations seminar plus was quickly live tweeting the whole period. A dear mentor and friend of mine, Kelly Davis, tackled the market and also told everyone to, in spite of the fast moving world that we are living in, take some time and also enjoy the second.

Key Takeaway: Individuals and companies must care less about the quantity of likes obtained on the amount or a post of followers somebody could have and rather focus on developing personal relationships that situation. To be able to effectively meet up with the requirements of someone, you have to know them. Do not overestimate the strength of an in person discussion.
Gartner predicts that 6.4 billion linked elements will likely be used worldwide following year. Not 6.4 zillion, but 6.4 billion. As technology evolves, and so do cybercriminals. The ways where they obtained private info a season ago, possibly 6 weeks ago, are different from the techniques that today is used by them. Hill even stated that the usual, non tech businesses will go on the IoT bandwagon along with it, existing additional security concerns. You can read best hoverboards reviews 2019 to get the top brands in the market.

Key Takeaway: While the line blurs between our digital and physical worlds, companies have to shift the mindset of theirs from creating one item to supplying a platform for the consumers of theirs. This platform has to be intuitive and be in a position to seamlessly incorporate into their daily lives. Businesses should also take up additional precautions to make certain some customer data is safe.

Hoverboard-as-a-Service or perhaps not, those firms that be more inclusive, embrace the continuously evolving world of social networking and also take the time to know how the IoT will impact the customers of theirs, is sandals that thrive.

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10 MarWhat exactly is the difference between Cold Press and Centrifugal Juicers

When you talk about juicers then there are two main categories available in the market. One is the centrifugal juicer which rapidly spins with tiny blades to produce juice. Second one is the cold-press juicer which crushes with thousand (1000) pounds of pressure to extract juice.


The most common among the juicers are the centrifugal juicers. This type of juicers you will usually see in advertisements or in the departmental stores. These are less expensive and hence are easily available at most of the stores.  

The working mechanism of centrifugal juicers is quite different from cold-press juicers. Centrifugal juicers take out juice by swiftly spinning pulp around the chamber. When you put veggies or fruits and push them from the top of the juicer then the sharp blades on the floor mash them. These sharp blades make slices of fruit and turn it into pulp. Next, the pulp is spun on at high a speed which separates the juice from rest of the pulp. The juice goes into the valve whereas the pulp moves into a special collection chamber.

This centrifugal juicer is best for soft and hard foods but it does not work well with leafy greens. It is generally recommended that you buy the one whose price start from $150. You may find even those with price starting from $40 but these would not be durable and might not be workable for you.

No doubt that mostly people use centrifugal juicers but there is some concern over the oxidation caused by the centrifugal process. This oxidation is a good reason for breaking down food enzymes. Simultaneously, the heat generated by centrifugal juicers also damages the end product and also affects the machine. The fast spinning of blades slightly heats the juice and the best juice due to the oxidation is consumed right away. Due to this, the machine cannot detach inedible peels which must be removed.


If you are buying cold-press juicers then be ready for the models which may cost you about $500. This sophisticated machine is expensive but their users will be satisfied with the superior performance and quality of the juicer.

In cold-press juicer, food pieces are fed from the top of the tube. The machine squeezes and crushes the food materials at a slow pace than the centrifugal juicer. Machine extracts juice which comes out from the bottom of the tube while the residual food material and pulp is pushed out from the machine.

Cold press juicers take out more nutrients from the ingredients and reduce the oxidation which takes place during the juicing process. The process of juicing in this machine is slow and even cannot handle whole pieces however; a big advantage of these juicers is that they can handle varied ingredients into it like leafy greens, nuts, and meat. Moreover, the output is richer in terms of nutrients and taste.

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04 MarTwo main types of Blenders explained in detail

Many people think of a blender as merely another handy appliance in the kitchen. Some even don’t know that there are different types of blenders available in the market. Every type of blender serves a different purpose and it is crucial that you can differentiate one from another so that you are able to make a better purchase decision. Blenders are basically of two types: countertop blenders and immersion blenders. While you might buy the one that suits you best however; many people keep both types of blenders.

Immersion Blender

Immersion blender is also known as hand or stick blender. It is handled like an egg beater but functions similarly to a general purpose blender. It usually has a swirling blade at its bottom and is held in hand while blending foods. Bakers and chefs usually prefer the immersion blender for mixing eggs and flour together, stirring soup, making puree, and chopping up some soft vegetables. They are less powerful than the countertop blender but much easier to use and more portable. The popularity of hand blenders has increased considerably over time and now some cordless models are also available in the market. They employ a hand-held function and are quite handy for blending or pureeing in a bowl or blending lumps from the gravy in the hot pot. Chopping accessories are also available with some immersion blenders that allow them to work as a handy tool for preparing food. The pros of immersion blenders include that they are best for blending hot foods and right in the bowl, have a single hand operation, are easier to store, and cordless models offer portability and convenience. On the other hand, the cons include that they have limited function and require care while cleaning them.

Countertop Blender

The counter top blender is also called jag/jar general purpose blender. It is most dominating type of blender available in the market. It is generally affordable although there are some expensive sophisticated models as well. Countertop blenders have a jug or jar container on the top of a steady base and several speed options to select the action and type of consistency. They are usually used for making smoothies, shakes, sauces, batters, puddings, dressings, and frozen drinks. The advantages of the countertop blenders include that they are more functional and best for making smoothies and crushing ice. On the other hand, the disadvantages include that they are less applicable when it comes to blending foods in large quantities or hot foods, and are more expensive than the immersion blenders.


If you want a versatile option, you must go for the countertop blender as it can puree, mix, grind, emulsify, etc. 10 Best Blender Reviews -Comprehensive Guide can help you in getting one. On the other hand, if you want a blender that you can carry along with you, then the immersion blender is the right option for you. So which blender are you deciding to buy? Countertop, immersion, or both? 

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03 MarHow to put food processor on Work

Food processors have become quite common these days however; they are still being underappreciated and underutilized. A number of cooks generally perceive it to be a specialized bulky gadget worth taking out from the cabinets for only a few particular tasks. Food processors can tackle a diverse range of ingredients: vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, legumes, grains, nuts, etc. and a diverse range of techniques: chopping, shredding, grinding, pureeing, mixing, blending, whisking, etc. Here are a few techniques for making the most from the food processor:

1.Working with the Slicing Disk

A number of best food processors in the market come with adjustable blades for changing the thickness of the slices. The slices are also affected by the manner in which the ingredients are fed into the food processor. Therefore, you must also take notice of the ingredients’ orientation in the feeding tube. For example, while making meat like skirt steak, ensure that the meat is fed in so that it gets sliced against the grains for tender outcome. Firm ingredients are best for slicing and thus meat could be partially frozen for the best slicing results. Likewise, tightly packed greens would yield better results or greens like kale could be rolled for creating a tightly packed bundle.

2.Working with the Feeding Tube

In order to ensure cleaner and more consistent results, the ingredients must be tightly packed in the feeding tube. You may however, need to trim some ingredients before putting them in the feeding tube; depending on the ingredients size. While pushing the ingredients through the tube into the blades, you should use steady pressure.

3.Putting Liquid while the Processor is Running

Some recipes require adding liquid to the processor in a steady and slow stream when it’s operational. This aids in making sure that the liquid gets evenly mixed with the rest of the ingredients.

4.Mincing, Chopping, and Grinding

It is advised to use the pulse function for mincing, chopping, and grinding food in the food processor. This is because of the fact that pulsing offers more control as compared to processing. The results are more even as the ingredients are redistributed just like stirring.

5.Working with the Shredding Disk

For shredding, it’s easier to work with ingredients that are firm as compared to those that are soft. For shredding soft ingredients like cheese, it’s best to used them chilled. Moreover, cleaning the shredding disk would be easier if vegetable oil is sprayed prior to using it.

6.Pureeing, Kneading, and Mixing

For kneading dough and making batters, one must be careful in terms of the order of ingredients. For pureeing and mixing, it’s better to use a spatula for scraping down the work bowl and ensuring a homogenized mixture.

With these tips, you can use your food processor efficiently for getting the best results.

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